This online sales course is one of four sales training courses that make up the Online Professional Sales Certificate Program. In this course you will develop a framework for organizing, managing, and implementing your sales process and strategy. Learn an easy-to-maintain and systematic approach to prospecting, targeting clients, managing your sales pipeline, gathering customer intelligence, team selling, and tools for retaining your most valuable and profitable clients. Compared to traditional selling approaches, this system enables you to gain more clients while investing less time, energy, and money. In this weekend you will learn the basics of:

  • Define your core market and customer personas for better sales and account based marketing
  • How to find mountains of qualified profitable prospects that want your offering
  • How to organize and develop your sales process while building your momentum.
  • The “Frequency Selling System” that converts competitors clients into your loyal customers
  • How to develop your own personal customized sales strategy upon completion
  • Top tactics and strategies to land large and complex deals!

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