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NextGenRE Rules of Engagement Social Selling

Shane Gibson at #NEXTGENre #Vancouver Liveblog

Shane Gibson and Facebook Codes

Shane Gibson and Facebook Codes

Shane begins by discussing how he began with social selling; first he was doing sales training. Then moved into Social Media and soon customers demanded he do their social media sales training.

Becoming an Exponential Influencer: it’s really about creating a magnetic brand, a vibrant, compelling, personal brand so business comes to us. And also through leveraging through other influencers.

Most attendees in this session are from Vancouver, some Victoria, Nanaimo. No matter what market we’re in, social media and the personal one-to-one aspect of it can make a huge difference in our business.

When we wrote Closing Bigger we defined selling as creating an environment where an act of faith can take place. I mean, do you really understand how the ten million dollar satellite system works, or was it faith? At the end of the day, it comes down to truly believing the other person will deliver.

Creating trust: Value added engagement consistently over time. More value over more time equals more trust.

This talk will cover:

  1. Building a magnetic brand
  2. The 3 elements of thought leadership
  3. The 5 stages of consent
  4. The 9 immutable laws of social selling
  5. Recruiting and connecting with influencers

GaryVee says Saying you don’t believe in social media is like saying you don’t believe in the internet. Even our blogs are social. 80% of the conversation on a blog isn’t happening on the blog, it’s on social.

Being a thought leader: A guy called Shane up and yelled at him about thought leadership, saying nobody could define it. It made Shane put the thought into it.

  1. You create/curate relevant content for your specific audience based on your expertise. If you build it they will come, but if nobody knows you exist, that’s pretty frustrating. You need the other two pieces.
  2. Has relevant, engaging conversations. Social media is SOCIAL, it’s two way communications. Send thank you emails, etc. The whole point of content is to start the conversation.
  3. Builds community. Something that is bigger than your brand, eg great places to trick or treat. Finding ways to do things that benefit community will also grow your network. Look at this conference! Or on your Facebook page. Most people who struggle with a compelling brand are heavy on one of these three aspects and light on the other two. You need all of them.

The Five Stages of Consent

  1. Discovery
  2. Consumption
  3. Interaction
  4. Connection
  5. Consent

Discovery: are you optimized for Yelp, Google, Bing, etc? Consistent content creation helps massively. Google Places. Guest blogging. Press releases. Writing reviews. SEO. Do you have a discovery strategy?

Consumption: “Tell stories because stories aren’t boring” Jay Conrad Levinson. Your social profiles should be robust. Use your picture, make it a decent picture too. They are doing your networking for you. You need a presence, and it needs to be quality. It’s your new business card. It’s a landing page. Does it convert or engage? Does it contain the keywords of your business?

LinkedIn you can optimize for SEO just like a website. And if you publish on LinkedIn it will push notifications to your contacts. There’s a great payoff. And people get a great impression of your expertise without leaving the LinkedIn page.

Livestreaming: the most powerful methods are live: Facebook Live which notifies your network when you’re live. Blab. Live, instant, right now content is vital. Research-based content, and Deep content are also critical. These three are critical.

Uses Teri Conrad’s example of 23,000 views for FB Live.

Content Formula:

Know your nanotribe; that’s smaller than a niche.

Monitor, Listen and Learn. Learn through search and social media monitoring.

Create and curate content online and offline that fulfills a need, solves a problem, and helps someone achieve a goal.

Use multiple platforms, profiles and media. Every time you get on a new platform, you’ll find new markets.

Skate to where the puck will be, not where it is now. You have to think that way about social media. Shane’s not thrilled with Snapchat, but it’s at least worthwhile to have a profile. Getting in early does help you establish yourself. Pick four maximum and invest in a couple heavily and experiment.

Interaction: Conversations are pretty easy. Reply to comments, email thank yous, tweet at people, etc.

Consent; you need to follow your instincts. This is where your human intelligence becomes critical.

Social proximity: the ways in which you are connected to other people via social media.

9 rules of Engagement

stop pitching, start connecting; how thrilled is anyone to get an AutoDM?

doers win the game of social media; you have to show up to win, show up consistently.

it’s not about you; this is a tough one, but nobody cares about you. The content has to be focused on the market’s needs, not yours.

be fearless in your contribution to the community; eg give away your knowledge. Give to get. A podcast alone landed Shane a tour of South America, Ford motor company as a client, etc, etc.

don’t be a social spammer, engage; It’s not a megaphone.

be authentic; because you do NOT have a choice. You don’t have to be perfect, just be authentic. Be real, and when you do something wrong, apologize.

be consistent; “mediocre, done consistently, will beat brilliant done once every time” Jay Conrad Levinson

amplify through community; You don’t need 30,000 Twitter followers. You need 20 relationships with people who have Twitter followers.

get sociable! The whole sociable meme is easy: use the internet to get off the internet. When someone engages with you on Twitter, see if you can connect with them IRL. Once you connect with them in real life, all your online content means more to them forever. If you help enough people get what they want, people will help you get what you want: Zig Ziglar.

Got a cold call from BuildDirect, inviting him to the office. Turned out they’d been reading his blog for ages, and that led to years of business. Met Peter Aceto on Twitter, engaged, and it ended up in plenty of business.

Publish. PUBLISH! Shane says his books have done more for him than social media ever has. One day he was having a pity party sitting alone, got an email from a guy in the middle of Africa saying thank you so much for that book. The book didn’t know Shane was depressed, it’s just out there doing the work. Once you do the work once that book keeps helping people over and over again, bringing you business over and over again.

It’s way better than any business card. You can print through Amazon for $2.50. Thud factor! Great tool for building relationships as well. This is seriously thought leader branding. What book are you going to write in the next 6-24 months? There are services that can help you, including Lorraine.

Sales Tribe: build your own tribe. Find people in your community who have a social footprint but who don’t compete directly with you. Ask permission, ask buy-in. Shane’s sales tribe started with 14, is now 50, and have a social reach of 30,000,000. Fourteen of this sales tribe are now on the Forbes Social Leaders, top 100 worldwide on the #Sales tag.

Influence: Master the 5 stages of consent. Build community. Publish all the time in multiple mediums. Connect, promote, and uplift enough people and you will rise to the top too.