Being able to effectively communicate and connect with clients, peers, and those around us is one of the most critical skills for success needed today!

Learn what motivates people to buy and how to land a client using effective communications, ethical persuasion, and relationship building skills. Develop and practice critical skills and knowledge in understanding different personality styles, instant rapport building, uncovering values and needs, and how to create and project a powerful personal presence in business. As a participant in this weekend workshop you will gain continuing studies credits towards a Professional Sales Certificate and learn how to:

  • Identify where we are in  business and personal relationships and how to develop the relationships to a higher level of loyalty and intimacy
  • Use motives, features, benefits, and accentuate these benefits to find the factors that trigger a “buy.”
  • Understand the disciplines for selling to logic and emotion, individuals and corporations
  • Identify Personality and buyer styles and how to adjust our selling to different styles
  • Effectively listen and give feedback to anyone
  • And more……

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