Sales Training Whistler at the Whistler Forum with Shane Gibson keynote speaker and sales trainer

Hello Whistler Open Forum attendees. It was great to meet all of you at “Building Winning Sales Performance” for our sales training event here in Whistler. I know we covered a lot in a couple hours so I have put together a list of resources including copies of the slides from the seminar. At the bottom of the page there’s a contact form for you to fill out if you would like further information on my sales training programs, consulting and keynote speaking (or if you just want to say hi!).

Sales Training Resources:

Building Winning Sales Performance Slides (PDF)

Building Winning Sales Performance Slides (on Slideshare)

Large and Complex Deal Closer Self-Assessment

Shane Gibson’s Podcast on iTunes (Apple)

Shane Gibson’s Podcast on Google Play (Android)

To get in touch or request more info on Shane Gibson’s sales training programs please fill out the form below!