SSI Sales Style Indicator Assessement

The SSI is a sales style assessment and indicator available in online and hard-copy format. It doesn’t matter what you sell. You could be selling anything from cars to SaaS products to pure gold commodities… you could be selling yourself into a new job, a first date, or an upgraded seat on the airplane. Every day, no matter where you go, you’re making sales pitches.

So, how DO you sell? And, how do you prefer to be sold to?

The Sales Style Indicator™ (SSI) is a scientifically developed, self-administering, self-scoring instrument that not only shows you how you sell – it shows you why you may not be closing, or why negotiations may be taking longer than you think they should.  It can be used as a coaching and management tool and has been used by thousands of sales executives and managers around the globe seeking to better understand their personal sales style’s unique strengths and advantages.

Our Sales Style Indicator™ (SSI) helps you:

  • Identify your basic Sales Style of responding to prospects, clients, sales tasks and inter-relations in general;
  • Identify the consequences of your Sales Style when relating with others;
  • Identify your typical reactions to sales stress and pressure and learn how to compensate for your weaknesses;
  • Better understand the style tendencies of others and learn to interact with them much more effectively;
  • Increase harmony and productivity by sharing a common language when talking with others about what style behaviors are more effective or productive in various sales situations;
  • Develop a plan to increase your Sales Style flexibility and effectiveness during sales calls with prospects and clients, and in your interactions with your fellow workers.
  • Facilitate team development through the careful assessment of team member sales strength.

Take the Online SSI now!

To start the online version of the Sales Style Indicator™, you have to first purchase access for $36.00.

Purchase Access to the Online Sales Indicator here:

Online Sales Style Indicator (SSI)
Online Sales Style Indicator (SSI)

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Sales Style Indicator (SSI)
Sales Style Indicator (SSI)

Purchasing an Access Code(s) will provide you with a code that can be entered to access the Online Sales Style Indicator. Codes are available in packages of 1, 10 or 100 accesses, and can be shared with others if you desire.

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