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The Science of Winning Sales Conversations #Infographic

“How can I improve my next sales call?” is a question every salesperson probably has on their minds after every sales conversation. It’s been a topic in sales training for decades and we are still perfecting it. In sales every element of the conversation counts.

Did your prospect feel like they were being listened to? Did you use positive language to make them feel better?

Did you acknowledge every objection they had? Did you transform the information to neutralize the objection?

Even if you are able to mentally go back to the conversation you just had with a client to reiterate and focus on open issues, you will likely end up answering these questions based on a gut feeling.

But how can you verify your gut feeling? Sales Conversation Science can help. used their self-learning analytics engine to record and analyze over 22,000 sales calls for their study and have published an infographic with their findings.

So, how much should you speak when talking to a prospect? Is it positive to mention the competition? Take a look this infographic on The Science of Winning Sales Conversations for the answers.

Sales Infographic 2017