Negotiating to Win Sales Training


Negotiations skills are one of the highest paid skill sets in your business development toolkit. A person can literally earn an additional $2000, $10,000 or more for themselves or their company on a deal just by being a great negotiator. A lot of this happens in minutes not even hours.

In sales, negotiations is a process not an event or a contract. It starts from our first email or hello. Most of us are looking for repeat business and long term clients, this also means that the client has to leave every negotiations feeling like they won and were respected as well. This provides a big challenge for many sales people, especially those who may have been exposed to win/lose styles of sales negotiations.

Shane Gibson has worked with key account managers, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs on four continents helping them to improve their sales, social selling and negotiations skills.

In this fast paced keynote address you and your team will learn:

  • The impact of confidence on our ability to negotiate
  • The power of positive body language
  • The 7 key components of an effective negotiations process
  • Easy to use negotiations tips
  • How to avoid and identify dirty tricks and manipulation
  • How to get the business and keep a strong positive relationship with the client

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