Complete Sales Action System

The Complete Sales Action System

Today’s sales people, sales managers, and their organizations are under immense pressure to produce more revenues, and greater results in a tougher economy with fewer resources than they had in the past. More of the same type of training is not the answer. Organizations need sales and marketing tools, habits, and behaviours that will help them to focus on their core areas of profitability and strategic advantages.

The Complete Sales Action System™ is unique! It covers the complete spectrum of sales and personal marketing. The 25 coaching/training modules go from client research and targeting to actual selling skills and sales management systems. It explores the “how to’s of becoming a personal marketer and expert planner and even gives sales management executives and sales/service personnel the tools to keep themselves productive and motivated.

This program is comprised of 25 sales and sales management modules:

  1. Targeting the Right Clients
  2. Database Selling (Frequency Selling)
  3. Reading the Client
  4. Rapport Building Strategies
  5. Warming Up The Call
  6. Breaking the Ice
  7. Understanding Buying Motives
  8. Proposal Selling
  9. Handling Objections
  10. Closing the Sale
  11. Maximizing Additional Sales Opportunities
  12. After Sales Account Building
  13. Key Account Management
  14. Winning With Super Service
  15. Personal Marketing Tools
  16. Launching Your Be Seen Program
  17. Leveraging Your Time and Energy
  18. Making Pressure Work For You
  19. Focusing on What Counts
  20. Starting Where You Are At
  21. Storyboard Your Way To Success
  22. The Complete Sales Manager – The Coach
  23. The Complete Sales Manager – The Marketer
  24. The Complete Trainer – The Presenter
  25. The Complete Trainer – The Marketer

It is ACTION and COMPETENCY BASED and has MEASUREMENT and TRACKING COMPONENTS to ensure bottom-line results. The OPERATION and LINE DRIVEN implementation strategy creates a PULL THROUGH rather than a PUSH THROUGH process. Personnel in finance, service, administration, operations, at head office or in sales will benefit.

It can be the vehicle to drive a sales and customer focused culture through an entire organization.

The Complete Sales Action System™ can be taught in its entirety or utilized on a daily basis as a learning resource and management tool. There is no time limit for usage and the more people you train the less it costs per person because of the “one time” payment plan.

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