The Closing Bigger Sales – B2B Boot Camp is based on the Shane’s book “Closing Bigger” and Bill Gibson’s program “Managing Complex Business Relationships” this Boot Camp is designed for experienced sales people, executives and entrepreneurs who want to increase their ability to attract and close big clients.

Ideal for those who sell in business to business and industrial environments. Closing big deals is a process not an event. Shane Gibson, author and facilitator will take you through this process step by step and help you build your own tool kit and strategy for closing big deals and managing large complex clients.
Topics covered are:

  • Enterprise sales best practices, attitudes and habits
  • Understanding the three levels of sales, and moving to the highest level.
  • Steering clear of the top ten deal-breakers.
  • Mapping and navigating power-player networks in large, complex deals.
  • Conducting an effective needs analysis as your best closing tool.
  • Improving and refining your team-selling tactics on big deals.
  • Building and customizing your personal network for support in closing big deals.
  • Understanding – really understanding – that closing big deals involves a process, not an event.